MHS & District Teacher of the Year

  • Josh Cruzan Josh Curzan

    During the past two weeks we’ve featured each school’s Teacher of the Year and last on the list is Josh Curzan of Manchester High, who was also chosen as the district Teacher of the Year for the 23-24 academic year. Here’s some of what MHS Principal Katelyn Miner had to say about Josh:

    “Josh has shown tremendous commitment to the Freshman Center at MHS by working to ensure that students in grade 9 have a positive transition to high school.  He knows that relationships are at the heart of education and his students confirm his commitment to seeing each of them as individuals, with their own strengths, talents and goals. Josh said that he strives to ensure that all students are ‘seen, heard, and understood in his class, and that they see themselves, their families and their backgrounds represented.’ In addition to his work as a Social Studies teacher Josh has worked with the Young Men's Leadership Group, West Indian Club and currently serves as a MEA Building Representative and on the MHS Equity Team.  He has been important to our learning alongside the RISE Network for the past several years as we have focused on Freshman Success.  He designed and currently teaches the African-American History course and is committed to students learning about themselves as learners. Thank you Josh for your commitment to MHS and our students."

Illing Middle

  • Meg Clough

    Meg Clough

Manchester Regional Academy

  • Keri Robotham

    Keri Robotham

Highland Park Elementary

  • Kelsey Palazzo

    Kelsey Palazzo

Verplanck Elementary

  • Jennifer Bergin

    Jennifer Bergin

Manchester Middle Academy

  • Beth Lauer

    Beth Lauer

Bowers Elementary

  • Christina Provost

    Christina Provost

Keeney Elementary

  • Janis Jones

    Janice Jones

Bennet Academy

  • James Witten

    James Witten

Buckley Elementary

  • Michelle Congleton

    Michelle Congleton

Martin Elementary

  • Joy Kelsey

    Joy Kelsey

Waddell Elementary

  • Hanah Mamaclay

    Hanah Mamaclay