Illing & District Teacher of the Year

  • Jessica Williams Jessica Williams - Jessica has a way of seeing the best in everyone and she is a people person. She loves teaching others, but also learning from others (adults and students alike). Jess promotes equity by doing what is right for people. Her technology knowledge and work that she does as our technology integrator and department leader has promoted equity in our school community. Jessica's knowledge, creativity, and hard work have been a necessity during our time away from school and learning from home. Jessica developed the lessons for students at the beginning of the pandemic so that all students would participate in the same lesson and get used to using Google Classroom in a fun and engaging way. Her expertise and willingness to provide assistance to all during this time has not gone unnoticed. Jessica puts her all into everything she does and it shows. She is motivated to do her best and she pushes those around her to do their best. She is organized, loving, and creative. These qualities make Jess fun to be around and a wonderful colleague to work with. Jessica strives for excellence in all that she does. She is an inspiration to many.

Manchester High School

  • Gerry Navarra
    Gerry Navarra

Manchester Reg. Academy

  • Ellen Schumey
    Ellen Schumey

Bowers Elementary

  • Jennifer Adams
    Jennifer Adams

Keeney Elementary

  • Lisa Smith
    Lisa Smith

Bennet Academy

  • Mariel McDonnell
    Mariel McDonnell

Manchester Middle Academy

  • Lucinda Gallant
    Lucinda Gallant

Buckley Elementary

  • Kendra monstream
    Kendra Monstream

Martin Elementary

  • Mary Hrenko
    Mary Hrenko

Bentley Academy

  • Gregg Oberlander
    Gregg Oberlander

Highland Park Elementary

  • Cassie Budman
    Cassie Budman

Verplanck Elementary

  • Ryan Nunes
    Ryan Nunes

Waddell Elementary

  • Theresa Golino
    Theresa Golino