• Very Exemplary Scholars

    Paw At weekly Monday Morning Meetings, we recognize those scholars who exemplify our three school rules. These Very Exemplary Scholars are leaders in throughout the school, and are consistently safe, respectful, and responsible.

    Click here for a copy of the Very Exemplary Scholar award.

  • Positive Office Referrals

    Great Way to Celebrate Responsibility at School!

    Our students can now be formally recognized for their positive behavior choices during the school day through the use of the positive office referral. Teachers and staff may complete these referral forms, and scholar's will be recognized by the principal. Parents are also notified of their scholar's referral with a letter that is sent home. 

    Click here for a copy of the Positive Office Referral.

  • Parent Paws 

    We encourage parents to recognize their scholar'spositive behavior choices at home with Parent Paws! 

    When parents complete these forms and return them to the school, their scholar will be recognized during morning announcements.
    Click here for a copy of the Parent Paw form. 

  • Golden Awards

    During the final Monday Morning Meeting of each month, students are awarded golden awards. These golden awards are giving for the following:

    • The Golden Dustpan:
      Awarded to the class with the cleanest room.
    • The Golden Sneaker: 
      Awarded to the class that has the best hallway behavior.
    • The Golden Book: 
      Awarded to the class with the highest percentage of returned library books.
    • The Unified Arts Award: 
      Awarded to the class with the best behavior during music, art and P.E.