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Brian Gordon

Brian Gordon is an exemplary educator that cares about every child, sees their individuality and fosters their strengths. His colleagues call him "the most caring teacher in the school, dedicates himself to students, is flexible, genuine and friendly." Mr. Gordon's students call him "engaging and trusting." It is evident that Brian designs lessons that meet the needs of every child and ensures that his students will be excited about learning. Through the years, I have known Mr. Gordon I have witness him build relationships with children through listening and understanding. He takes the time to understand them as whole child, socially, emotionally and academically. He does not hesitate to collaborate with any colleague that can support his professional learning, will ask questions without hesitation and contribute feedback to support growth for all. He believes in all children as evidenced by the positive climate in his classroom, in which all students are comfortable being themselves and taking risks. He fosters peer relationships and social development. Mr. Gordon is connects with families to support the development of their children. His kind demeanor and warm, welcoming classroom is a space for all to grow and learn. Brian Gordon does what needs to be done to ensure success for all.