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Amy Sanchez

Amy works very collaboratively with others. She maintains an open communication with staff to ensure that she best meets her students' needs. She is extremely cooperative and goes out of her way to help others. She is a tremendous support and resource for staff. Collaboration Amy works tirelessly to come alongside her colleagues and assist them in becoming better teachers. Amy always shares her ideas and encourages us to persevere despite the challenges that come with teaching on a daily basis. She is ready to help with a strategy, an affirming word, the giving of her time and working alongside us collaborating to help a student for whom the past interventions have not been successful. Amy does this with a smile and grace no matter how difficult things can become. I have never known her to give up or dismiss a request for help. She really has a heart for the children. She knows that by helping her colleagues to be their best, she is helping the students achieve at high levels. Creativity Amy always gives her best when helping Tier 3 students with reading as she goes "above and beyond" to reach them. She has been using recipes and "cooking" with one of my students to engage him in reading because he LOVES to cook. I am amazed at the progress this student has made with his understanding through her efforts to make it interesting and real for him. I know that he loves to go with her each day because he knows how much she cares and wants to help him be his best. Excellence Amy is an outstanding educator that always gives the very best to the Waddell Community. She has directed our school talent show for decades and her energy is contagious. She wants to see the students enjoy school and succeed in the classroom and out. She is helping to foster a real sense of community through ALL she does here at Waddell. We nominate Amy Sanchez because we believe she demonstrates all the qualities of a "Teacher of The Year".