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Giulietta O'Coin

Excellence. That is the word that comes to mind when the name Giulietta O’Coin is mentioned. Giulie herself would tell you that excellence is what she aspires to for herself in everything she does, as well as for the students in her classroom. And to get them to be excellent readers, writers, mathematicians, friends and citizens, she will work tirelessly. Giulie’s classroom hums with productive activity. Each student knows what they need to do and when to do it. They can each tell you what they are working on at any given time of the day. And you lose sight of the fact that you are among 5 and 6 year olds. Giulie is a highly skilled Kindergarten teacher and motivator. She knows each of her students’ strengths and needs and makes plans to address both. She engages her students’ families in the important work of educating their children. Giulie communicates with families on a regular and ongoing basis to keep them informed and involved in how their children are dong in school academically and socially Giulie is an important part of the fabric of Robertson School and the Manchester Public Schools. She has served on the School Climate Committee, The Family Engagement Team, Robertson “Remind” trainer and creates the annual Robertson “Beehive” schedule. Giulie has served on the original District K Play Committee, District Social Thinking Team, District Climate Team and the SET Evaluation Development Committee. She has also participated in ELA curriculum writing and SEL curriculum writing, and is a TEAM trained cooperating teacher. The Robertson Staff is proud to have Giulie O’Coin represent us as our Teacher of the Year.