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Shannon Rodowicz

Shannon is the leader of an amazing group of students and staff. Just like the regular education classroom her students come with a variety of skills and needs that Shannon tries to meet every day to get them to succeed to the best of her ability. She has 9 students who she has to juggle their inclusion schedule, IEP meetings and accommodations, different testing, medication, toileting, and personalities. Each day she faces the day with a smile and a heart ready to face anything that may cross her path. Each morning, even before she makes it all the way down to her classroom, she stops, listens, and offers a kind word for others to begin their day. As you watch and observe her journey through her day, you can see her joy and enthusiasm for what she does evident as she "walks" with a student or speaks with a parent over the phone. She makes it her mission to ensure each student is not only seen as an individual, but includes them in every aspect of the Martin School community. With many of her students being non-verbal-she doesn't always get the "ah-ha" moments or know what she is doing is working. However, that doesn't stop her from thinking outside the box and getting creative to give her students experiences and lessons many times using her own pocket to do it. Regular ed students LOVE going down to the MAP room because of the environment that Shannon creates. It's the same environment she tries to help create among our staff. She is always the first willing to help do something extra to take something off someone's plate and always has a smile or story to uplift someone. Working with Shannon helps make Martin a better place to learn and work.