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Kelly Shea

Kelly Shea has contributed to the spirit of the MHS community since 2012. She can do it all - and in 6 short years she has. She has taught English in grades 9 through 12, Acting, UConn Early College Experience and Humanities. She has been a PLC Leader, Imagine College mentor, and serves on the MHS Equity Committee. She has thrown herself into extra-curricular activities as well, coaching the Future Problem Solvers, serving as the Assistant Director of the Drama Club and this year making her Directorial Debut for the school musical, He’s A Good Man Charlie Brown.” One of the students participating in the musical was known on more than one occasion to look up admiringly at Ms. Shea and say, “Ms. Shea. . . one of the best,” and the student is correct. In the classroom Ms. Shea inspires and motivates but is also a master at teaching writing and analysis. She works hard to make content and novels relevant to students and she is equal parts technical teacher and creative lesson planner. She balances high expectations with constructive feedback and nurturing support and Kelly comports herself with patience and grace at all times. When asked to describe Kelly one colleague said it best, “We knew she was a rock-star teacher from year one, but we’ve all come to learn what a wonderful person she is as well - intelligent, kind and gracious in equal measure.”