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Cynthia Henderson

Ms. Cynthia Henderson has served the MRA community for over thirty years in various capacities. She began her work at MRA when it was called the Regional Occupational Training Center, a regional school for intellectually deficient students. It was a very different place back then. Ms. Henderson quickly established herself as a strong and effective special education teacher. In fact, in only her second year at ROTC she was selected by her colleagues to be Teacher of the Year. The phrases found in her nomination letter still ring true today. The one that stands out is “Mrs. Henderson demonstrates the most effective model for classroom teaching in a special education setting that I have seen in my years of administrative experience”. Over the years Ms. Henderson’s role has changed at MRA and her skills have evolved. What is consistent is her strong commitment to servicing children, her endless compassion and understanding for those in need, and her patience in working through some often frustrating situations with her students. In doing so she is able to gain students’ trust – the critical component in effecting change. Her reading intervention program consistently yields astonishing results, often with her “reluctant readers” showing as much as two and three years’ growth in only one year of programming. Additionally, Ms. Henderson brings her love and passion for art and crafting and gardening to MRA where she has long served to foster these passions and skills in her students. Much of the plants and shrubbery and beatification projects at MRA are attributable to the quiet, consistent efforts and dedication of Ms. Henderson and her students. Ms. Henderson is a strong pillar of the MRA community whom countless children will proudly claim has served as a defining role model and inspiration for growth, development and learning. Manchester Regional Academy is proud to nominate Ms. Henderson for 2019 Teacher of the Year.