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Jill Kilgus

Jill is a wonderful collaborator with her partners. She is organized and punctual. She is on the executive board on the Teacher's union. She is able to encourage other teacher's to feel as compassionate about union issues as she does. She currently is collaborating with a team of teachers to service a child who has many needs. She continually meets on a daily basis with the parent to soothe, encourage and ease. Jill keeps a daily journal for the parent to allow the parent to be part of the child's day. Jill displays courage is in her work with the EMAC subcommittee of the MEA. Her work on this committee includes addressing and speaking up on difficult topics such as the achievement gap and structural racism. Jill's classroom is engaging and inviting. She easily creates exciting centers that is differentiated for her learners. Jill enjoys doing science experiments in her classroom. The children at Highland Park School become surrogate parents to the chicks that she hatches on a yearly basis. Many times during the year, we can find Jill down at the "pond" sharing her love of all things nature with the Kindergarten children. Jill has high expectations for all her students, and she understands that she needs to meet them where they are in order to do that. This included meeting with parents early in the year if she sees a potential problem brewing or identifying students early on who could benefit from additional review from tutors or in the Learning Center. Jill keeps standards high for all her students and pushes them to give their best effort at all times. Jill, pushes herself as well. She plans units and lessons in advance, thinks critically about grade level expectations, and is not afraid to raise questions when something doesn't seem right. In addition to classroom teacher expectations, she is involved in a variety of other endeavors such as MEA leadership, Superintendent's Advisory, and district level community and family partnership events.