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Lisa Miner

It is with great enthusiasm that we nominate Mrs. Lisa Miner as Buckley School’s Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Miner has a positive, kind, energetic demeanor that is evident each and every day in her classroom and throughout our school. She is always eager to help anyone that she can and always with a smile and tremendous energy! This school year, Mrs. Miner made a seamless transition back in to the classroom. Her classroom community is strong, as the students have made tremendous growth both academically and socially. The students know that they are cared for and they have been taught how to appreciate everyone’s unique differences. Mrs. Miner’s environment was created through dedication, perseverance and love. Her understanding and modeling has taught her students how to help those students with disabilities and has made her classroom an inclusive and supportive community of kindergartener learners. Mrs. Miner goes above and beyond not only for her students but also for her colleagues. She is an active member of several committees as well as a mentor for new teachers. Mrs. Miner is a key member of the School Climate Team as she leads all school spirit activities. She also is a member of the School Improvement Team. Mrs. Miner always lends a hand to not only our new teachers but also veteran teachers collaborating and assisting with classroom instruction. She is a true team player, always willing to help and support a colleague. The Buckley School Community is fortunate to have Mrs. Miner as part of our family. It takes a truly special person to be able to constantly put others first. It is honor to work alongside Mrs. Miner. It is with great pleasure that we nominate Lisa Miner as Buckley School’s 2018-2019 Teacher of the Year.