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Cheri Beaulieu

Cheri Beaulieu is a highly respected professional! She is an amazing speech and language pathologist whose exemplary qualities include her strong work ethic, her innate ability to establish a positive rapport with the diversity of students, staff and families with whom she interacts and her tireless devotion to ensuring that the students she serves are provided with every opportunity to reach their highest potential. Cheri’s contributions to our Bowers School community are beyond compare! For the past five years, she has served on schoolwide teams including our Student Support Team, our Literacy Team and our Cheer Committee. On the support team, Cheri provides her professional insights and experiences as we strive to create plans which highlight and build upon the unique talents that our students bring to school. Providing instructional leadership in the area of literacy is a role Cheri plays on our literacy team which is a vertical data team that promotes student achievement through fostering a love of reading. Bringing joy, cheer and good spirit through her work on our Cheer Committee is just one more of the many ways in which Cheri contributes to our school community. She has made it clear, not only through her words, but her actions that she is ready to assist in any way if it means creating a school culture that promotes both excellence and a collaborative spirit where we all work together and lean on each other in our efforts to achieve excellence for all! Finally, Cheri truly demonstrates embodiment of the four pillars of the Manchester Public Schools. She regularly collaborates with classroom teachers and other specialists to meet the needs of students across the grades. Keenly aware of the general education curriculum standards, she is able to build plans for students in collaboration with classroom teachers and special educators which enable her students to access all areas of the grade level curriculum and make great gains in those areas as well as toward their individualized goals. Her work on the support team and literacy team, as described above, also exemplifies her belief in the power of collaboration to promote student achievement. Cheri’s creativity is demonstrated not only in the many teaching materials she creates for her students, but also, most recently, in the leadership role she played in implementing literacy team and cheer committee initiatives - the Bowers Book Bonanza (our very own version of March Madness) and the staff classroom Door-Decorating Contest. Both initiatives fostered creativity, a collaborative spirit and fun for all! Her ability to think outside-the-box, combined with her courage to be a persistent, strong advocate for her students, has resulted in her students receiving all the resources and programming needed to maximize their potential. For example, one of her non-verbal students now has access to technology which is allowing him to communicate with his classmates and teachers! Cheri’s tireless pursuit of excellence for all, as described in the many examples above, are demonstrated on a daily basis. It is no wonder that her colleagues selected her as our Bowers Teacher of the Year!