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Tina Fioriello

The students on Escalante really love being a part of Tina's class. She works very hard to make her students' sixth grade year a memorable experience. She creates excitement in learning by providing hands on experiences for students, whether they are releasing salmon or attending a Project O excursion. She has the respect of the students, which demonstrates that she teaches what respect looks like. She encourages thinking and investigating, allowing kids to learn through fun lessons. She holds high expectations for her students, encouraging them to persevere. She makes sure that the students she sees every day have a positive experience in school. As a teacher, effective communication is a difficult task. It is not easy to keep track of 80 students, their families, and the happenings across a team and a department. Tina is fantastic in communicating with students and their families. She makes sure everyone is well informed of what the expected behaviors are for the students on her team. She also makes sure that parents are apprised of their child's progress, and what events are coming up for their team. In a science classroom student' thoughts, beliefs, and questions serve as the starting point for scientific investigation where an underlying goal is for students to utilize this scientific knowledge to empower their own lives. Tina creates an environment that makes students want to know information. They become actively involved in their learning, becoming individuals who learn how one variable can impact a situation. We have always seen Tina have positive interactions with staff and students. She has a calm demeanor, which can be difficult to achieve at times teaching adolescent children. She is kind, hard-working, dedicated and respectful. We cannot think of better qualities for a Teacher of the Year.