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Thursday, November 7, 2019

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"Dear Soldier"

With Veterans Day approaching, these Keeney third-graders showed their appreciation by writing cards and notes that will be sent to our troops overseas as part of a Support Our Soldiers campaign. Scroll down to see an image that pays homage to other veterans. 
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Friday, Nov. 8
Saturday, Nov. 9
Sunday, Nov. 10
ALSO: Mamma Mia continues at Cheney Hall, with performances Friday, Saturday and Sunday. All shows are sold out but you can call the Box Office at (860) 647-9824 to be added to a waiting list for when tickets get returned.
Monday, Nov. 11
This pile on Autumn Street will be picked up soon; leaf collection starts next Tuesday. You'll find all the info here.
Tuesday, Nov. 12 Wednesday, Nov. 13 Thursday, Nov. 14
  • Thursday (5:30 p.m.) -- Manchester Arts Commission meeting at WORK_SPACE
  • Thursday -- Turkey Bowl at MHS (juniors vs. seniors in girls' flag football)
Friday, Nov. 15
  • Friday (4-6 p.m.) -- Polish Movie Night at John's Polish National Catholic Church, 23 Golway St., 
  • Friday -- Country Dance with Jim Blanch and Boot Hill Band at Army & Navy Club (rescheduled from Nov. 8)
  • Friday (6:30 - 8 p.m.) -- Yoga for Food at the Community Y with Barbara Titus
Saturday, Nov. 16 Sunday, Nov. 17
  • Sunday (2 p.m.) -- Final sold-out performance of ‘Mamma Mia’ at Little Theatre of Manchester
MORE MEETINGS: We list BoD and BoE meetings above but there are more meetings listed in the town events calendar and in the BoE events/meetings calendar.
IN OUR LIBRARIES: We include a few key events in listings above; there are lots more in the libraries' comprehensive event calendars.
And Further Down The Road
(A few especially noteworthy events)
Note: All of the calendars above are compiled based on things people submit as well as what we find on social media, in the Town Events Calendar and anywhere else. For space purposes we post some things in our 'OneMan Central' log. If we are missing anything, just email
In The News
  • Jay Moran (BoD) and Tracy Patterson (BoE) were the leading vote-getters in Tuesday's election, as Democrats won a 6-3 advantage on both boards. The JI and Courant ahave coverage.
Newsletters, Etc.
NEWSLETTERS -- We gets lots of them and try to link to the latest of each:
Manchester Mosaic
(An occasional picture puzzle)
The cropped images at left are part of a larger photograph. If you're the first to know, you could win a prize. (Last week, Cathy Johnson pieced together the 'haunted cabin' on Case Mountain and won a $25 gift certificate to Filomena's on Main Street.) To take part in this week's contest, just click here and if you want to see last week's puzzle pieces, click here.
Check OneManchester Sports for more.
Gone, But Not Forgotten
At East Cemetery and beyond, reminders of those who sacrificed.
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