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Saturday, March 28, 2020 
Two weeks ago we brashly promised to publish a special edition of OneManchester during each day of the school closure, which we naively hoped would last just 10 days. Whoops. Since we're now off until at least April 20 (which means 14 more missed days and thus newsletters) and there are still 35 school days after that -- some (many? all?) of which may also spent at home -- we need more content. There are ways you can help explained below but first, photos from a drab Saturday ...
Around Town Today
There's no one at the mall or the movies, and it's supposed to rain this afternoon/evening, which means people are stuck at home looking for something to do. Well, we need some help and there are three options below.
Help Wanted Section
Pet Pictures Wanted
Not just any pets, though. They have to be teacher's pets. And by teachers we include every parent/guardian helping out at home as we collectively work to educate 6,000-plus Manchester children. The photos at right are of pets that belong to educators employed by the district but we have literally thousands more at-home teachers these days and all are welcome to submit pics. The details are here.
Writers Wanted
Each school day since we've been closed, MHS junior Aislinn Gara Grady has written a point-of-view essay and twice her mother has joined. In Monday's OneManchester we will share a powerful, poignant piece from Kelly Cecchini of MHS and we'd love to feature even more essays and voices. Here's how that will work.
Suggestions Wanted
In the past two weeks, we've featured:
  • A food service worker distributing free meals to students
  • An MHS senior who had the lead role in the scratched spring musical 
  • A mom at home helping teach her three young boys
  • A grocery store manager coping with unprecedented demand
  • An LPN caring for patients -- and five kids at home
We have more stories in the queue and also welcome suggestions as we continue to chronicle life in lockdown mode. Here's how you might be able to help. 

  • No one can be featured more than once so before you nominate anyone you can check our all time list (it's sorted alphabetically) of the 557 entries in the gallery, which can be found on both Facebook and Instagram.
Bored? Nah. 

It wasn't all quiet outside today: Lots of people were hiking in the morning and Logan Moore (MHS '19) was responsibly solo-skateboarding at Charter Oak Park.
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