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Thursday, January 9, 2020

Quiz time! And this is "open book" -- or, in this case -- "open annual report", because the questions below are taken from the town's just-published Annual Operations & Performance Report, which is chock full of information, most of it from fiscal year 2019. So, go ahead, look up the answers by reading the report or just go ahead and guess, because as you scroll down we provide the answers. By the way, it's easy to subscribe to our newsletter.
How Well Do You Know Manchester?
These daily averages are among the many factoids in the report.
Multiple Choice Section 1
Scroll down for these answers to these questions -- and to continue the quiz.
Weekend highlights include a Family Fun Night and also expanded enrollment services at MCC.
Friday, Jan. 10  Saturday, Jan. 11  Sunday, Jan. 12 
The town's annual celebration is Tuesday night
but the holiday itself is not until Monday, Jan. 20.
Monday, Jan. 13 Tuesday, Jan. 14  Wednesday, Jan. 15 Thursday, Jan. 16 Friday, Jan. 17 
Saturday, Jan. 18 
MORE MEETINGS: We list BoD and BoE meetings above but there are more meetings on the town events calendar and in the BoE events/meetings calendar.
IN OUR LIBRARIES: We include a few key events in listings above; there are lots more in the libraries' comprehensive event calendars.
Further Down The Road
Tuesday, Jan. 21 (7-8:30 p.m.) -- Chinese New Year Celebration (all ages) at Mary Cheney Library
Wednesday, Jan. 22 -- Spring semester begins at Manchester Community College
Thursday, Jan. 23 -- State vaping panel at 335 Broad St.
Saturday, April 25 --  Rebuilding Together in Manchester
Note: All of the calendars above are compiled based on things people submit as well as what we find on social media, in the Town Events Calendar and anywhere else. For space purposes we post some things in our 'OneMan Central' log. If we are missing anything, just email
OK, back to the quiz. The answers to the questions in 'Multiple Choice Section 1' above are: 1-B, 2-B, 3-C, 4-C. Now, a few more:
Multiple Choice Section 2
Around And About
The Journal Inquirer and Hartford Courant both have regular town news coverage (but monthly free-read limits). You'll also find stories in Manchester Patch. Published recently:
Keeping Track Of It All
We gets lots of newsletters and try to link to the latest of each.  Of note this week, the Manchester Woman’s Club is meeting Tuesday at 6:30 at MHS with guest speaker Robert Venti from the Vietnam Veterans of America.
Back to the quiz again. 'Multiple Choice Section 2' answers were: 5-B, 6-C, 7-C, 8-C. Next up:
Matching Section
OneManchester Sports
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So, How 'd You Do?
Here are the answers to the 'matching section: According to the annual report, Manchester's 58,172 residents break down like this:
There's no homework -- but reading (or at least skimming) the report will be better for you than watching TV!
Published weekly since August 2017, always free, and not hacked since Sept. 12, 2019, OneManchester is compiled by Jim Farrell and Paul Ofria of the school district's communications office based on contributions from people and institutions throughout town. Jim, the district's communications director, can be reached at or 860-268-6377.