Extended Learning Opportunities

  • Job Shadows

    The opportunity for students in grades 10-12 to spend a day or part of a day observing daily work tasks with an individual in his/her place of employment to learn more about the career of interest. Job Shadows are typically 4-10 hours.

    Work Based Experiences - Unpaid Internship

    The opportunity designed to provide students valuable unpaid work experience by learning the ropes from experienced professionals.  State rules stipulate that the student shall:

    1. Not displace regular employees at the unpaid experiential learning work site.
    2. Not necessarily be entitled to employment at the conclusion of the experience.
    3. Agree that a maximum 120 hours will be permitted for the experience. Academic credit may be awarded if requirements are met.

    Job Experiences (Paid Employment)

    The opportunity to place students with real-world experiences in an actual job, paid employment. If your business has an opening for paid student employees to mentor, we will help you find a student with appropriate skills and interest.

    These experiential learning experiences aim to provide students with opportunities to:

    • Investigate a career area or occupation to help discover whether it is a good match
    • Gain real-world work experience and skills
    • Gain valuable experiences that will be useful to list on college applications and resumes
    • Understand how their future can be impacted by what they accomplish now in school
    • Research what they must know and be able to do to succeed in a particular field
    • Learn what they can expect with regard to wages and employment potential
    • Make contacts in the field of their interest
    • Develop career competencies and soft skills

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